Big Decision, When To Have A Hair Transplant?


Big Decision, When To Have A Hair Transplant?

What hair loss stage are you? What are your goals? A better hairline? A natural looking hair density? More hair coverage? Stop progressive hair loss?

Fact or Fiction

Hair transplants don´t scar.

A hair transplant cures hair loss.

The removed hair grows back after a hair transplant.

The Reality 

Hair loss affects the majority of men over our lifetime. With the most common hair loss condition being male pattern baldness (MPB). A genetic hair loss condition. MPB hair loss pattern can vary. From minor hairline and temple receding to advanced hair loss.  Over the top of the scalp, hairline to crown. 

A hair transplant is not a cure for future hair loss. So the timing for your hair restoration is important.

Three-pointers to look at are:

  1. Current age
  2. Family hair loss history
  3. Current hair loss pattern

Careful planning will ensure you make the correct decision on how and when to restore your hair.

The FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant technique leaves no linear scar, instead, it is randomly spread around the back and sides of your head between the remaining hairs. When performed to a high standard the scars are hard to find, even though the hair has gone and doesn´t grow back.

Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis, an FUE specialist for ten years commented “On the right candidate a hair transplant can restore lost hair even for those with advanced hair loss. I always advise researching thoroughly as a hair transplant result is permanent and it´s important you make an informed decision.

A well-planned hair transplant will take into consideration your current age and hair loss stage. To restore your hair and ensure any future hair loss can also be treated. Restoring your hairline will frame your face. To give a more youthful look. Behind will improved hair coverage with a natural looking hair density.

If you are concerned about your hair loss or just curious what is available or can be done many take the first step of an online consultation. This allows you to gain important information without any obligation and is free of charge.

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