Available Treatments For Female Hair Loss


Available Treatments For Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss is more common than expected. Often hidden by clever hairstyling. But hair loss is affecting more women than ever before.

For many women, the use of minoxidil or laser treatment in comb or cap form can be effective treatments. Both have been tested in clinical trials.  They are both approved by the US FDA as hair loss treatments.

A variety of cover-up and treatment options

Cosmetic treatments are available. General a low-cost alternative to more aggressive treatment programmes. Products to thicken the hair. Camouflage areas of low density and thinning. Hair replacement units or wigs can be used. They can give a variety of styles for the person to choose from. These are especially preferred if the area of thinning is large and hard to hide.

Everyone should be wary of treatments offering miraculous, guaranteed results. Hair loss is a medical condition. It requires medical treatment. As in any medical treatment, the results will vary between individuals. The outcome cannot be guaranteed.

A more permanent option

A hair transplant can be a viable option for a woman. But can hold wider complications than with men. Whether a woman is suitable for a hair transplant will largely be determined by the pattern of hair loss. Especially if the hair loss or thinning enters the donor area. If the hair in the area shows signs of miniaturisation or low density. This can mean a hair transplant would not be advisable.

If the hair loss is localised to a small area, say a thin or slightly receded hairline. Then a hair transplant can make a good option. Hairlines can be lowered and redesigned. To make a more feminine line.  Adding more hair can hide unsightly scarring. Maybe caused by a cosmetic procedure.

Medicine and knowledge have improved significantly and a greater understanding of hair loss in a woman is now known, it is important to seek medical advice if you feel you are losing hair and research into the many ways hair loss can be treated, cosmetically, medically and surgically.

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