How Fast Does Hair Grow?

fast hair growth

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Hair grows around 1.25 cm a month, so around 15 cm a year. The speed can be dictated by several factors such as age, health, genetics, and diet.

You can’t do anything about getting older or your genetics, but you can influence your diet and what you eat. A diet lacking the right nutrients can lead to hair loss. Eating well with a balanced diet can help promote healthier hair growth and if you are experiencing hair loss improving your diet can help to improve the balance between poor nutrition and healthier hair growth.

On the other hand, eating a balanced diet with the right nutrients can help promote hair growth, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition.

Here are a few suggestions of the best foods you can eat to promote hair growth.


Spinach is full of beneficial nutrients like folate, iron, and vitamins A and C, all of which may help hair growth.

Sweet Potatoes

A medium-sized sweet potato contains enough beta-carotene to provide more than four times your daily vitamin A needs. Research has shown that vitamin A promotes the production of sebum, which helps keep hair healthy.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel have nutrients that may promote hair growth. They are exceptional sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to hair growth.


Nuts contain a variety of nutrients that may promote hair growth, they also provide a wide variety of B vitamins, zinc, and essential fatty acids.


Oysters are one of the best food sources of zinc. Hair requires a balanced amount of zinc with a lack of it possibly contributing to the hair loss condition telogen effluvium, caused by a lack of nutrients in the diet.

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