Can You Have A Hair Transplant?


Can You Have A Hair Transplant?

Whether you have had a hair transplant in the past or it is the first time. You have looked into hair restoration. Deciding on a hair transplant procedure should involve care and diligence before making any decisions.

The doctor needs to know as much as possible about your hair loss objectives. In order to determine the best hair restoration options for you.

• At what age did you begin to lose your hair?
• How progressive has your hair loss been?
• What is your family‟s hair loss history, maternal and paternal?
• How have you addressed your hair loss, tried various medication, if so how effective?
• Have you worn a toupee, wig or hair system?
• Have you undergone a hair transplant before, if so what technique, how long ago and how many grafts?
• What are your objectives? Do you want to achieve conservative or aggressive coverage?
• Where are your priorities? Front hairline, mid-scalp, crown, entire head, repair?

These and more are important points that are part of the process when researching and deciding whether a hair transplant could be for you, and if the case, what type of result can be achieved.

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