Can A Hair Transplant Deliver Coverage and Hair Density?

Can A Hair Transplant Deliver Coverage and Hair Density?

Common sense says it´s impossible for a hair transplant to replace 1:1 ratio (100% restoration) of the hair lost, it´s lost, gone and does not regrow. So, how can a hair transplant procedure manage to cover a man´s head who suffers from advanced hair loss?

A hair transplant attempts to achieve an illusion of thickness, placing the FU´s (grafts) in such a way to cover a surface area that used to have much more hair. This principle allows especially people with more aggressive hair loss patterns to be able to achieve if not total but almost total coverage with a natural-looking thickness or density.

When there is enough hair density the light only reflects off the hair and not the scalp, by blocking the scalp removes the appearance of hair loss/thinning.

Planning your hair restoration, therefore, is an important aspect to you being happy with your result today and overtime. When to start restoring your hair, which technique to use, how high or low do you place your new hairline are all important considerations.

The artistic and medical technique of slit making, orientation and the tools used allows for greater angulation control, recreates a naturally arranged pattern of hairs will allow for better coverage and the illusion of hair density.

The shorter the hair he less coverage is achieved so for most people it is important to allow the hair to grow long enough to overlap the surrounding hair and enjoy the best result from a hair transplanted.

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