Can A Hair Transplant Deliver Coverage and Hair Density?

Can A Hair Transplant Deliver Coverage and Hair Density?

Common sense says it´s impossible for a hair transplant to replace 1:1 ratio (100% restoration) of the hair lost. It´s lost, gone and does not regrow. So, how can a hair transplant procedure manage to cover a man´s entire head? Can A Hair Transplant Deliver Coverage and Hair Density?

A hair transplant looks to achieve an illusion of thickness. Placing the hair units (grafts) in such a way to cover the surface area. An area that used to have much more hair naturally. On the right candidate and with planning. This principle allows for even advanced hair loss patterns to achieve if not total but almost total coverage. With a natural-looking thickness or hair density.

When there is enough hair coverage the light only reflects off the hair. A a result, the scalp can´t be seen. By blocking the scalp removes the appearance of hair loss/thinning.

Planning your hair restoration

Maybe you only rebuilding a small hairline recession. Or, restoring an advanced hair loss stage. When are you starting your hair restoration?

A hair transplant is not a cure for hair loss. Only the redistribution of hair. In some cases, not all people are suitable for a hair transplant procedure. A hair transplant and medications can complement each other. As a result, providing the best sustainable hair restoration.

This and much more need to be discussed during your personal or online consultation. The Doctor will consider technical factors when considering your restoration. Which technique to use, how high or low to design the hairline, how many grafts to use.

Other factors such as age, Norwood Class and progression of hair loss. All will help to plan your hair restoration. Even if there may be many years before further hair restoration is required. The correct planning will allow your hair restoration to deliver an even hair density and hair coverage.

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