Is There A One Hit Hair Transplant?

Is There A One Hit Hair Transplant?

Factors such as age, Norwood hair loss stage and the potential progression of hair loss will help as a guide to whether future hair transplants would be required in the future.  In almost all cases a person will certainly undergo more than one hair transplant procedure; even if there may be many years in between each. With the use of both FUT and FUE techniques, it is now possible to widen the harvest area and increase the overall graft number potential.

The earlier the age and hair loss stage will only heighten the chance for the need for future hair transplants. Donor management is vital to ensure future hair loss can be maintained and a balanced coverage of hair be achieved.

The potential number of grafts on an average scalp that can be harvested can be around 7000, dependent on the techniques used, to harvest these numbers in one procedure is generally unethical, usually not possible or wise due to donor and scalp limitations. More procedures can be carried out at a later date if the person loses more native hair or wishes more coverage.

Donor management allows the sensible and ethical distribution of hair to gain the maximum result for the patient. If too much hair is removed in the first procedure it can damage and impair the donor area for the future.


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