Hairline Styles and Facial Bone Structure

Hairline Styles and Facial Bone Structure

Hairline Styles and Facial Bone Structure

Maybe the most important aspect of a hair transplant look is the hairline. As the hairline frames the face. Changes in the position can add or subtract a youthful look. Too high or too low can alter the natural proportions of the facial features.

The hairline placement can be a simple calculation. Technically it can depend on the level of hair loss. Potential future hair loss. Importantly the quality of the donor hair. Especially to be able to maintain a naturally balanced hair restoration.

A man´s facial identity is determined by his bone structure. Most men have a square structure. But there are a variety of types. Some overlap so it´s not exact. But can be categorised such as:






As we age, gain weight our facial structure changes, by losing the “square jawline” but the basic structure of the face remains.  Everyone is different, to the point that even our face is not symmetrical, identical from side to side; therefore, the hairline should not be made as a mirror image but design around the nuances of our individual bone structure.

A poorly design, placed or incorrectly oriented hairline with a hair transplant, the eye is automatically drawn to the area. The apex, the centre of the hairline should be the lowest point; if this is not adhered to then it will alter all other aspects of the design and totally change the natural angles that have to be adhered  to and  create a cosmetically natural frontal line; and instead of the eye being drawn to the hairline it is balanced back to the centre of the face, the eyes.

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