Natural Hairlines Created from A Hair Transplant

Natural Hairlines Created from A Hair Transplant

The hairline is a continuous line from one side of the face around the sideburn, to the temple points or recession and then along the front to the other side of the head.

When creating a hairline, the design and placement are crucial to restoring a cosmetically pleasing look and framing the face. The hairline is the most important aspect of a hair transplant as it creates a youthful look and appearance.

The design does not have to be aggressive, a subtle change can make a big improvement to the look of an individual.  The orientation of the hair as it moves around the hairline into the temples and then down the sides needs to change in hair density and angles otherwise an unnatural and artificial dolls hair look.

The transplanted hair needs to blend with any existing hair in the area, sometimes softer, finer hair, especially along the hairline. Other factors such as density placed are important as this will change around the hairline. Single hair units need to be placed along the immediate hairline in a jagged effect and then behind larger hair units are then placed.

“For me, the hairline is crucial to any hair restoration. It frames the person’s face and should draw the attention away from the forehead and back to the eyes. It should also look natural when first created and in many years to come.” Says Dr. Artur Kierach, FUE hair transplant Specialist performing hair transplants in Poland and Spain.

There is a need by the Doctor to have artistic licence as well as their medical expertise, understanding the bone structure of the individual, the slight changes from one side of the head to the other and then the medical expertise to be able to change the slit angle and orientation so the line looks continuous with no obvious changes in hair direction, just natural.

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