Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Surgery

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Surgery

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Surgery

The Evolution to Follicular Unit Surgery

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant Surgery is now the most refined form of hair transplantation. Greater skills have to be applied. Also, time to excise the natural groups of FU intact. Follicular Unit transplanting separates the natural groups of hairs. From 1-4 hairs in each group. This helps as this enables the groups to be utilised in the optimum place in the recipient zone.

Single hair FU is to be used on the hairline. Two hair units behind. Then three and four hair units to increase density. A Follicular Unit Hair Transplant is far more natural. Can mimic nature with refined surgical abilities. To place each unit close enough together to give the illusion of natural hair density. Positioning the units with precise direction and orientation. Making it impossible to differentiate from a person´s naturally growing hair. As the basis of a hair transplant works because of the illusion of density. It is not possible to replace like for like hair lost, the distribution of FU is vital to attaining the desired result.

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