Which Hair Transplant Technique To Choose?

Which Hair Transplant Technique To Choose

Which Hair Transplant Technique To Choose?

It can make a big difference to your long term hair restoration. But mostly today. Everyone wants to choose only one hair transplant technique. There are two recognised surgical hair restoration techniques available today. The FUE and FUT techniques. Follicular Unit Extraction is the newer of the two.  The difference, the method of donor management.

Is the hair transplant technique decided out of choice or necessity?

Every case is different. Some may have the luxury of deciding either. Whereas others may have the decision dictated to them. Due to their hair qualities and characteristics. What´s important is long-term planning. To ensure future hair loss can be successfully treated.

FUT can be performed in a single day procedure. This is because the hair follicles are extracted in one move. FUE, each hair follicle is initially punched and then extracted. So, one by one. As a result, making it slower. This limits the number that can be safely moved in one day. Larger FUE´s will be performed over two consecutive days.

Both techniques offer different benefits. They can actually complement each other. Combined in one two-day procedure. Ideal for advanced male pattern baldness. Depleted donor areas. Even hair transplant repairs.  Maximising the graft numbers. Allowing some to achieve a result with total coverage in a single procedure.

A hair loss consultation will help to evaluate characteristics such as donor hair density, donor surface area and skin elasticity. These and more aspects will allow for the correct assessment of your hair loss now, and potential in the future that can determine the correct technique for you.

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