Saw Palmetto Baldness Treatment


Saw Palmetto Baldness Treatment

Saw palmetto is an over-the-counter herb. That has been used to treat men with prostate concerns. As an alternative to those that preferred not to use finasteride.

Saw palmetto is a plant native to the Caribbean. Currently found in the southeastern United States. It’s been used for centuries by Native Americans as both a source of food and medicine.

It has been suggested that saw palmetto may block some of the receptor activity on the hair follicles. Which are stimulated in androgenetic alopecia, male pattern baldness. Saw palmetto inhibits an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. Which in turn converts testosterone to a powerful androgen hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

Research into saw palmetto is relatively minimal. If the many users of the supplement are proved correct then it may well be an effective hair loss treatment.

Several recent studies have looked at the effectiveness of saw palmetto for reducing hair loss. Participants aged between 23 and 64 years of age were provided with saw palmetto for a period of five months. Their hair coverage was assessed both before and after treatment. With 60% showing improvement. More studies are required as the number of participants so far has been small.

Saw palmetto comes in several different forms, including:

whole dried berries

liquid extracts

powdered capsules

It is always important to consult your doctor about safe dosage amounts. Experts recommend 160 milligrams, twice daily, for treating an enlarged prostate.

Saw palmetto generally is safe. But it’s not recommended for children or pregnant and breastfeeding women. Rare side effects include mild headaches and stomach pains. Stomach irritation can be avoided by taking the extract with food. Saw palmetto may thin your blood and can cause excessive bleeding during surgery.

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