Planning Your Hair Transplant


Planning Your Hair Transplant

It is important to plan your hair restoration. To ensure you have short and long-term happiness with your decision. There are aspects to a hair transplant that need to be considered before a decision can be made. Some individuals make better candidates than others. Some can treat progressive hair loss whereas some have to be happy with partial restoration. Age, hair loss stage, family hair loss history and the hair characteristics all must be considered. As well as the expectations from a hair transplant today and in the future.

Hair characteristics are a vital part of determining your suitability. As a result, the quality of the end result.  Aspects such as hair colour to skin complexion, or the calibre or diameter of the hair shaft. The number of hairs per follicular unit average and the curl or wave of the hair shaft.

The coverage and density achieved will depend on hair characteristics. From person to person they can impact on the final result. It is possible the same amount of grafts placed can give very different results in terms of coverage or thickness.

The Norwood Scale

The area of hair loss is measured by the Norwood scale, from hairline loss being NW2 to progressive loss to the crown being NW7. A hair transplant´s objective is to cover the surface area of hair loss to blend in with the surrounding hair. With extensive hair loss, it may not be possible to cover the entire area so again planning versus your goals is vital.

Hair Density

Density in the donor area is the number of FU per cm2 naturally growing; density in the recipient is the number of FU that are placed in a cm2.

The density placed in the recipient area will change dependent on the hair characteristics and the area of placement; the hairline will require a higher density because single hairs are used, when multiple hair FU are used the density placed can be reduced.

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