Treating Your Crown With A Hair Transplant

Treating Your Crown With A Hair Transplant

Treating Your Crown With A Hair Transplant

Genetic hair loss can be unpredictable. We can loosely follow others in the family. Or not. So the genetic hair loss pattern can be hard to predict.  Hair loss can skip generations.

Goals and expectations need to be realistic regardless of the type of treatment chosen. Especially with a hair transplant as results are permanent. From treating minor hair loss to more advanced stages, including the crown or vertex loss.

Realistic expectations  

Understanding what is and not possible is vital. Misunderstandings can not only cost money. But often factors more important. A Clinic can perform a perfectly acceptable hair transplant. Natural looking, good hair density and good donor management. But if the individual is expecting more. Especially if the more is simply not possible. The result is going to fall short of their unrealistic expectations. This can be true of any hair restoration. Often a misunderstood area is the crown or vertex.

The crown is often the last area to be treated. Deciding how and when to treat the area is important. Treating the crown can be technically demanding. Largely due to the changing angles and orientation of the hairs. To recreate the natural spiral.

The surface area of the crown can be extensive. Even equalling the frontal and mid-section combined. Sometimes dropping on the sides as well as the back of the head. As a result, making restoration demanding and sometimes not practical.

If surgical restoration is chosen it is vital to take into consideration future potential hair loss, treating too early can leave an unnatural pattern of hair growth as hair loss progresses; a better initial alternative may be to stabilise the hair loss with a treatment programme, especially if in the early stages of hair loss

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