The Best Hair Transplant Technique Today For Natural Results

Best Hair Transplant Technique Today For Natural Results

The Best Hair Transplant Technique Today For Natural Results

Hair Transplant quality has come a long way from the early days. It´s been known for decades a hair transplant is possible. There have been two important evolutions in surgical hair restoration. They have allowed for the protection of the donor area and the natural distribution of the hair. As a result, allowing for improved hair coverage and being able to mimic nature.

Follicular unit grafting

One of the innovations is the development of the single punch follicular unit method. The harvesting or removing of the hair follicles from the donor area. Around the back and sides of the head. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction uses individual hair groups. Removed one by one. Leaving little signs the hairs were removed. With the extraction spread randomly around the donor area.

Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis has been performing FUE for over a decade. He believes in maintaining the traditional values of the technique. Personally performing the graft punching. Dr Fotis had to say “FUE allows me to choose the hair units I want to place and where. For example, the hairline requires a softer look and then behind building the hair density with larger thicker follicular units.”

Using naturally growing follicular units allows the Doctor to give the most natural results. As this mimics nature. Using follicular units is vital to ensure the correct distribution of the hair. This can create the required density and fullness required. Depending on the area of the scalp. For example, the hairline requires single hair follicular units along the first mm´s. Then larger units behind. Some areas require natural three or four hair units. This is to create the required hair density. If smaller units are used the coverage will be achieved but the result will be thin, low density and unnatural.

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