The Rise of Beard Hair Transplants

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The Rise of Beard Hair Transplants

Traditionally a hair transplant procedure replaces lost hair over the top of a man or woman’s head. Caused by male pattern baldness, a genetic hair loss disorder. Recently men have wanted to address their thin or patchy beards. But can a hair transplant help them?

Hair loss can be stressful for many. Can cause a lack of self-confidence. To the point, it affects their lifestyle and even work. Even though genetic hair loss is natural. Affecting the majority of men. In varying degrees of hair loss patterns.  

Hair linked to age, looks and vitality

A good head of hair is often seen as a sign of youthfulness and vitality. The same can be said of having a strong beard. Hair loss is often perceived as losing vitality. Something that no man wants to be seen as. The same can be said of having a weak beard. 

For many men, their beard is just as much their crowning glory. Be it the designer stubble look to a well-coiffed beard. It sets the man apart. Gives a window to their unique personality. The lack of being able to grow a strong beard can for some bring out the same feelings or insecurities. In the same way, losing their scalp hair can and does. 

A hair transplant can be used to fill in a patchy beard. Or, recreate a full looking beard if required. Even over scar tissue caused by burns or another scarring. This method of surgical hair restoration requires further skills and artistic license to traditional scalp hair transplanting. Using either the FUE or FUT hair transplant techniques. 

Hair growth after a beard transplant takes approximately one year to mature. Once fully grown it gives for many men exactly what they are looking to achieve. A strong beard that frames their face. No different to a good head of scalp hair does for many.

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