Can I Have A Hair Transplant?

Can I Have A Hair Transplant?

Can I Have A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants are on the up. Becoming more available with a range of prices and locations. Does greater availability mean it´s a treatment suitable for everyone?

Surgical hair restoration is commonly known as a hair transplant. Is a popular treatment of male and female pattern hair loss. Genetic hair loss is the most common hair loss condition for men. Increasingly so for women also. For either gender, hair loss can affect self-confidence. Cause low self-esteem and affect how we interact with people.

The hair loss pattern and genetic hair loss

A hair transplant relies on genetically strong hair. Situated around the back and sides of the head. Immune from the hair loss gene. Meaning they can be moved to the area of hair loss. At the same time retaining the strong genetic properties.

Everyone has genetically strong hair. The pattern of hair loss dictates how much hair is lost. Not everyone loses the same amount of hair. The pattern can vary greatly. From minor hair line and frontal hair loss. To advanced loss over the top of the scalp.

Not everyone is a suitable hair transplant candidate. It´s not possible to replace like for like hair lost. Planning and timing will help to ensure the result not only looks natural. A hair loss consultation will examine aspects like the candidate´s age, current hair loss stage and the potential for future hair loss.

A person’s hair characteristics play an important role. The hair colour, fine or coarse hair shaft. Straight or curly will all impact on how the quality of the hair transplant result.

A hair transplant can create the illusion of fullness and density even on advanced hair loss stages. As long as the hair characteristics allow. Your consultation will examine the size of the area to treat. Then the quality of your donor hair. Compare these to the individual´s expectations and goals. As long as all match then a hair transplant is a viable option. As not everyone can achieve total coverage there may need to be a compromise. Some may wish all or nothing. If the case best to not start a hair transplant in the first place.

When researching ideally look at others with similar hair characteristics and hair loss pattern to yourself. When possible talk to other hair transplant patients. A hair transplant can be a positive life-improving treatment, giving back confidence and self-esteem when performed to a high standard.

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