More or Less Hair and Supply and Demand

high and low hair density

More or Less Hair and Supply and Demand

Ever wondered how a hair transplant works? when a little hair needs to go a long way. When the hair supply can give much less than the demand. Especially those with medium to advanced hair loss. There will be a high demand for hair. Needing to create a natural coverage and looking hair density.

Donor management is looking after the hair and skin characteristics around the sides and back of the head. From the first procedure, the emphasis should be on long-term planning. Maintaining the donor area quality at all times.

The range of hair loss can be divided into three areas:

The hairline and frontal

The mid-scalp

The crown/vertex

With the total area of hair loss possibly ranging from 5 to 250 square centimetres. Sometimes more depending on the size of the individual´s head. The potential size of the crown can create an insatiable demand for donor hair. Which, is limited, a finite resource. The frontal area can measure around 50-60 cm2. The top of the head from behind the frontal areas to the front border of the crown measures around 150 cm2. With the crown can be around 150cm2.

So, with such a large area to cover how can it be possible to create the look of coverage. As well as a natural hair density with a relatively small amount of hair. Especially compared to what has been lost.

It´s all an illusion. All part of a successful hair transplant. It´s a result of medical and artistic skills. Performed by the Doctor. To place the hair groups so they appear more than just the actual sum of the hairs.

Aspects such as the hair characteristics will either help or hinder. Fine hair hinders the look. Coarse thick hair helps the illusion. Straight hair, hinders while curly and wavy hair helps. The trick is blocking the scalp from being visible. If the scalp is blocked the hair automatically looks thicker. Helped by a little hair length. With each hair covering the next. Overlapping the surrounding hairs. Combined with the natural hair characteristics makes the difference between an ok, to good to WOW hair transplant result.

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