5 Questions and Answers About Hair Transplants

Questions and Answers About Hair Loss and Transplants

5 Questions and Answers About Hair Transplants

If you have any questions regarding hair loss or a hair transplant then we can help you with the answers. A consultation is always the best way to discover what can be done. If hair loss is bothering you.

Q. What is a hair transplant? 

A. A hair transplant also known as hair restoration surgery is a minor surgical procedure that involves the removal of hair-bearing tissue from one area, called the donor, to an area of hair loss, known as the recipient.

Q. Can you use someone else’s hair for my transplant?

A. No, because as “foreign tissue” it would be rejected by your body. Continued research is being carried out in this area of medicine but it is the general consensus any developments are still many years away.

Q. Why doesn’t the hair that is transplanted fall out?

A. Hair loss is generally caused by a medical condition in men called Male Pattern Baldness and woman Female Pattern Baldness. Hair has different genetic patterns dependent where it is situated on the scalp and it is possible to move the genetically strong hair to an area of hair loss and the follicles retain their original genetic disposition.

Q. Is a hair transplant painful?

A. Generally no it should not be painful, there will be mild discomfort during and after but not too uncomfortable. Medications will be administered by your doctor to minimise any discomfort and make the day as pain-free as possible.

Q. Is a patient awake during transplantation surgery?

A. Yes, the day of a hair transplant goes by quote fast. The patient is given a mild sedative and often drifts in and out of sleep but is conscious throughout.

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