Hair Loss Consultation Without Leaving Home

Hair Loss Consultation Without Leaving Home

Hair Loss Consultation Without Leaving Home

If you are starting to be concerned about hair loss. The first step of contacting a hair transplant clinic can be a little unnerving. Many people do not want to give up too much personal information. Having an online hair loss consultation can break the ice. Without leaving your home. With minimum inconvenience, whilst maintaining your privacy.

An important aspect to an online consultation is to send clear pictures for assessment; the quality and honesty of the pictures can make the difference an accurate assessment and not being able to give one at all.

Pictures should follow the criteria:

1. Use a digital camera

2. Front, back, top and both side elevation images, be consistent with the angles

3. Wash out any concealer

4. Take full face pictures, you can block out your features, but it helps to give a better perspective of the hair line placement

5. Position yourself approximately 1-2 metres from the camera

6. Consistent lighting, not from behind and no flash

7. If there is a hair line, lift the hair to expose the hair line

8. Expose any area that is covered by hair to expose the true extent of the thinning

9. Take wet and dry hair pictures can be helpful

10. If you feel you have the artistic ability draw a hair line design to give an idea of your goals

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