Hair Loss Can Effect Anyone

celebrity hair loss and hair transplants

Hair Loss Can Effect Anyone

Losing one’s hair can be stressful. Hair loss has no boundaries and can affect anyone. Affecting the majority of men during their life. Also more and more women. Regardless if you are a celebrity or wealthy you are not immune from hair loss. You are also not immune to making a bad decision. Choosing the wrong hair restoration option.

Not all hair restoration is the same 

Finding the correct solution can be difficult and time-consuming. But choosing the correct option is vital for your long-term happiness. A hair transplant is a permanent treatment. But not a cure for hair loss. It relies on healthy genetically strong hair. Immune from the male pattern baldness gene. Being removed from the donor area and placed into areas of hair loss.

A hair transplant relies as much on high medical standards as it does on artistic skills. The combination of the two skills can restore an individual’s hair. Even one suffering from advanced hair loss. On the right candidate.

Hairline placement and design are considered to be the most important aspect of a hair transplant, it frames the face and the first point people see when you meet. A good hairline will mimic nature and be undetectable as if you had never lost a hair.

Surgical hair restoration has greatly improved in the last decade or so. Gone is the old plug grafts. That left a dolls hair look of hair growth. Also large scarring around the scalp. The techniques applied today can place natural groupings of hair. Mimicking our natural hair growth.  These groups known as follicular units range from a single hair to four hairs. Are used strategically around the area of hair loss for maximum effect. For example, only single hairs are used to rebuild the hairline. With larger multiple hair groups behind to build up the look and feel of hair density.

Getting the right hair transplant technique

The Strip or Follicular Unit Transplant technique is widely considered to superior at harvesting large numbers of hair in a one-day procedure. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction was always much slower due to each graft being removed individually. Although in recent years with the introduction of motorised devices the technique has become faster.

With more and more celebrities admitting to having had a hair transplant the procedure is becoming more and more common, and with the results that can be achieved with today’s techniques it is no surprise why year on year surgical hair restoration is becoming more popular with those wanting to have a better head of hair.

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