Pros and Cons to Surgical Hair Restoration

Pros and Cons to Surgical Hair Restoration

Pros and Cons to Surgical Hair Restoration

Surgical hair restoration or a hair transplant procedure can be the best way to restore your hair. For the right candidate. Hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. MPB effects the majority of men. With varying degrees of hair loss stages. From minor temple or crown hair loss. To advanced hair loss over the top of the scalp. Like anything, there are pros and cons. As a result, a hair transplant is no different.

The advantage of a hair transplant is it´s permanent. The hair used retains its original genetic properties. As a result, does not suffer from the male pattern baldness gene. This hair is from around the sides and back of the head. So, even when moved it will continue to grow naturally.

All about hair transplant hair restoration

A hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure. But it still requires many surgical skills. Especially dealing with small delicate tissue like hair follicles. Today’s hair transplant techniques differ in some of the skills required.  They also differ in the donor management of graft removal.

The FUT technique has been the long-established technique.  A hair-bearing strip removes the hair units efficiently. This is sutured and hidden under a little hair length. The latest closure techniques camouflage the linear scar by allowing hair to grow through the line. As a result, blending with the surrounding hair.

The FUE technique removes the hair follicles individually. Using a punch instrument to surround the hair unit. It is then extracted. The wound is left open to heal. Resulting in small white dots around the donor area. Easily hidden under a little hair length.

Regardless of which technique is used the quality and healing around the donor area will rely on three factors. The quality and skill of the Doctor. The natural skin healing properties. Thirdly, patient care post hair transplant.

Hair transplant side effects

All hair transplants will leave some signs of wounds in the donor area. Visible scarring can be hidden if need be. Although good healing will allow for a short hairstyle anyway. Regardless of the technique. But, if need be there are surgical and non-surgical options. By revising a strip scar it can be made smaller and finer. Another option is to add hair to the existing line. Helping to camouflage it further. But either of these solutions can create different problems. A scar revision, there is no way to guarantee once healed you will be left with a smaller scar line. Adding hair to the scar means using valuable donor hair. As well a potentially a lower than average growth rate.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Another option is non-surgical.  SMP, scalp micro pigmentation places pinpoint pigments into the skin. To mimic the look of shaved or hair stubble. Hiding the scarring can help with different hairstyles. Being able to keep your hair much shorter without the worry people will comment.

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