Getting The Best From Your Donor Hair With FUE

Getting The Best From Your Donor Hair With FUE

Getting The Best From Your Donor Hair With FUE

Much is said how the FUE hair transplant technique is far superior to previous techniques, but Follicular Unit Extraction must be performed within certain protocols to ensure the technique maintains the quality of your hair around the back and sides of your head, known as the donor area.

The donor hair is finite, the hair taken is gone. It does not regrow. As a result, care must be taken how much is removed. To ensure the area remains healthy and strong. Short and long-term with little to no obvious signs FUE hair transplant has been performed.

The hair density of lowers with every follicular unit removed. So, it becomes important to maintain and refined pattern of extraction. This allows for the maximum number of follicular units to be extracted per procedure. This becomes important over time with multiple procedures. But also maintains the quality of your hair and scalp.

Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis believes a pure approach is required by the Doctor when performing FUE. This is to ensure the quality of the result is achieved. From the mapping of the donor area. Which can be dictated the hair density and hair characteristics. Determining what can safely be removed now and overtime.

With FUE if an educated pattern of extraction is adhered to then advanced hair loss can be treated. Whilst maintaining the best quality donor area possible. Spreading the extraction points will result in little change to the area. With the maximum care being taken will result in high-quality graft survival and optimal yield being achieved of hair growth.

For more information on the FUE hair transplant technique. Harvesting patterns. Or, hair loss and hair restoration in general. Request more information. 

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