Osteoporosis Drug. It Could Cure Baldness. Surprising Side-Effect

Osteoporosis Drug. It Could Cure Baldness

Osteoporosis Drug. It Could Cure Baldness. Surprising Side-Effect

Researchers may have discovered a new cure for baldness using a drug initially intended to treat.

An osteoporosis treatment may have positive consequences researchers believe. In the cure for baldness. According to BBC reports, Dr. Hawkshaw stated regarding the treatment. “make a real difference to people who suffer from hair loss,”. He went on to say a clinical trial will be necessary to ensure the treatment is safe.

According to scientists at the University of Manchester the drug WAY-316606. By targeting a protein that hinders hair growth stimulated hair growth under lab conditions.

The initial tests were on Cyclosporine A. An immunosuppressive drug to stop rejections in organ transplants and mitigate symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Though it was found to suppress hair loss. It had side effects that made it unsuitable. But continued research discovered WAY-316606.

Currently, there are two treatments found to help hair loss sufferers. Minoxidil a topical based treatment that can be used by men and women and finasteride in tablet form used by men.

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