Traction Alopecia A Common Hair Loss Condition For Women


Traction Alopecia A Common Hair Loss Condition For Women

A common form of hair loss and thinning for woman is traction alopecia. When the hair is open to excessive tension against the base of the scalp. As with tight braids or a ponytail. If this persists the hair becomes weaker and finer. Eventually, the hair follicle can stop growing.

If acted upon early enough the process can be reversed to a degree. But it can lead to permanent hair loss. Another form of traction alopecia is a condition medically classified as trichotillomania. When the person systematically pulls out their own hair. Sometimes even without consciously realising. Continuous twisting of the hair shaft and tugging. Quite often this is isolated to a specific area.

Other hair loss conditions that are not uncommon for a woman. Malnutrition, crash diets and generally poor eating habits. Protein deficiencies can lead to hair loss. Irregularities in the functioning of the thyroid gland can contribute to hair loss. This can sometimes be treated by dealing with the source of the problem, regulating the thyroid and as a side effect the hair loss can stabilise and sometimes improve.

Changes in hormone levels is a common reason for hair loss in woman, for example during pregnancy it is common for a woman‟s hair to become thicker and fuller, more body and strength, then post pregnancy as the levels fall a sudden shed of the hair can occur.

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