Time of the Year or a Bad Hair Day?

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Time of the Year or a Bad Hair Day?

The research investigates the possible association between hair loss and the seasons on a population level using Google Trends data.

Eight countries took part in the study conducted by the British Journal of Dermatology into the relationship between seasonality and hair loss at a population level using Google Trends data finding that the seasons of summer and winter greater hair loss occurred.

Studies had been carried out before on a smaller scale in limited geographical locations and supported the new findings, however, the physiology of hair loss and seasonal variation is unknown.

Dr. Shawn Kwatra stated “This study synthesized digital epidemiological data from both hemispheres to confirm the clinical suspicion that the summer and fall seasons are associated with greater hair loss,” Dr. Shawn Kwatra, was a senior author from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “This finding is clinically relevant for patients presenting in the summer and fall months with worsened hair loss and has implications in assessing the effectiveness of therapies. Future research will further clarify this association and examine the physiology of the hair cycle.”

Story Source: Materials provided by Wiley.

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