Internet Hair Loss Research

Internet Hair Loss Research

Internet Hair Loss Research

With celebrities such as Wayne Rooney, Calum Best, Micky Gray, Johnny Herbert and Steve Claridge ex-footballer have decided to go public with their hair restoration. It encourages more and more men to look into this option of hair replacement.

Where are we most likely to go for information today? the inter-web

The most accessible and open place for information is the internet. To research from home or on the move. It´s relatively private and fast. Allowing to reach clinics across the world. From the UK it is reported there has been a 230% rise in enquiries to overseas clinics.

This increase can be attributed to a number of factors. The cost, and the willingness to travel to receive the care. With web portals allowing clinics from around the world to show their work. It´s as easy to discuss with a clinic abroad as one in the next city.

Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis, FUE hair transplant Specialist says “it´s now possible for clinics to reach a much wider audience than ever before. It´s common for patients to travel from different countries and even different continents.” I routinely treat patients from all over Europe at my Clinic in Greece and working in the UK.

Hair transplant is a relatively minor surgical procedure, but, in the wrong hands the results can be poor, so it is important to research thoroughly before making any decision. “We cannot stress enough the importance to take your time and don´t rush into anything, speak to as many Clinics as possible and gradually whittle down to your final choice,” says Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis.

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