Hair Treatments - Lotions and Potions or Real?

Hair Treatments Real or fake

Hair Treatments – Lotions and Potions or Real?

There are many natural and chemical treatments treatment options available on the market. With any medication or therapy treatment, it is always best to consult with a specialist prior to taking. Just because it is natural does not mean there will not be damaging side effects.

There are many hair loss “remedies” available. The various claims include the use of all-natural substances and nothing short of miraculous hair growth.

Such products often offer a  “money-back guarantee”. As part of their radio, television, newspaper or Internet pitch. Do not be misled.

If you suffer from hair loss and want to try a treatment based regime. Make sure the methods have been proven to work. Dr. Fotis Gkaragkounis says “While results will vary from person to person and no one can promise a specific result you need to narrow down the chance of a negative outcome. With FDA approved hair loss treatments available they should be the first step in your research process.”

A doctor with your best interests at heart will recommend the use of medications to almost all hair transplant candidates.  The use of effective medications can sustain the growth of the native hair,  compliment the quality of the hair transplant, and even reduce the number of grafts or surgical sessions one may require if you go down the surgical hair restoration path.

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