5 Body Hair Transplants Facts

body and beard hair transplant

5 Body Hair Transplants Facts

Body hair (BH) is becoming more used in hair restoration, from the chest, beard, even legs and back. Body hair transplants are not too common so here are a few facts.

Body Hair is generally used when repairing a previous poor hair transplant and when the traditional donor hair has been exhausted (the hair around the back and sides of the head).

A few things to know about body hair:

1. Body hair has a different growth cycle to scalp hair, generally not growing as long

2. The texture characteristics of BH are generally different to scalp hair, so a match is harder to make

3. Scalp hair grows in natural groupings, with an average of 2.2 hairs per group; BH general are single hair groups

4. BH is usually extracted using the FUE technique (BHFUE)

5. If using anti DHT treatments it can effect the quality of growth of the body hair.  

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