Not All Hair Transplants Produce Scars?


Not All Hair Transplants Produce Scars?

What is one of the concerns about having a hair transplant procedure? Will it look natural, will it work? Also, will you be left with scars? Regardless of the technique, it is a situation that will occur. It is simply to what extent the scarring is visible. All hair transplants create a scar of some description, there are simply no exceptions to this natural rule.

A scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound has healed, every wound will leave a scar, every punch made into the skin will leave a scar, the size of the scar can depend on the punch and technique and skin characteristics.

Follow the post-operative instructions provided by your hair transplant clinic, avoid tension on the area and keep it clean at all times. It is becoming more common to find non-prescriptive creams and gels that can be applied during healing and your doctor can help to recommend, many contain steroids or antihistamine.

How visible will the scarring be?

Hair length can be a large factor of course because with a little hair length the coverage hides the scalp and so hides any scarring. The shorter the hair is cut the more likely the scarring will be visible.

Both the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques leave different visual scarring, a linear scar with FUT and cylindrical dots with the FUE technique. Due to the linear nature with FUT it does appear to be man-made and harder to explain away as a simple “life-wound”. That said FUE can occasionally leave lines of white dots that due to their symmetrical appearance look man-made.

Scarring is natural and part of the healing process after the skin is cut, techniques and understanding of anatomy by the person making the incision will help to reduce the visible signs, along with the person´s natural healing characteristics.

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