Coffee and Hair To Go Please

Coffee and Hair

Coffee and Hair To Go Please

And we all thought caffeine was the nectar of the morning wake up call

It has come to light recently through research. That scientists think it may help to strengthen thinning hair. Even improve hair growth. But there is a hitch, camping out in your local café is not going to help.

Tobias U. Fischer, a dermatologist at the University of Lübeck, Germany says scientists that treated hair follicles that had atrophied with a caffeine solution saw an increase in the speed of hair growth of 25%. It is believed caffeine stimulates a growth factor and helps prevent hair cells from dying off or entering a dormant state.

Unfortunately drinking copious amounts of coffee, or if you get the urge to shampoo your hair with coffee is going to be to no effect. This requires treatment with the optimal formulation, for women Plantur 39 Caffeine Treatment, at present available in Europe.

In the future, may be available at a coffee shop near you.

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