Laser for hair loss, is it safe?

Laser for hair loss, is it safe

Laser for hair loss, is it safe?

Lasers are referred to as “cold” lasers. Because they do not release energy in the form of heat. The light wavelength emitted from a low-level laser actually repairs. The tissues that have impaired cellular metabolism by stimulating blood circulation and encouraging regeneration of normal, healthy tissues.

During the 1960s and 1970s, researchers used low-level lasers. Largely to evaluate their potential bio-stimulating effects on living tissues. They had a surprise finding during experiments on patients with leg ulcers. Doctors observed that the hair follicles surrounding the area being treated by the low-level laser grew new hair.

Laser light appears to stimulate microcirculation, decrease inflammation and improve cellular metabolism and protein synthesis. Furthermore, European studies suggest that LLLT increases blood and lymph circulation at the hair roots and stimulates follicular cells, which may cause hair to grow thicker and stronger.

Based on two modalities designed to treat hair restoration patients, the Luce System LDS 100 System® and the new FDA  approved  HairMax  LaserComb®,  LLLT seems to have had a noticeably positive effect on the quality of hair growth with both surgical and non-surgical patients. LLLT as a healing accelerator for post-operative surgical hair restoration patients this therapy may aid in the healing process. More recently the 272 laser cap diode is granted FDA approval as a hair loss treatment.

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