Hair Characteristics - Curly or Straight Hair?

Hair Characteristics – Curly or Straight Hair?

Hair characteristics can range from hair colour, calibre or diameter of the hair, fine or thick, if the hair is curly or straight to the contrast of the hair against the skin complexion. All these aspects carry an important role for the doctor when planning your hair transplant procedure, and will be an important aspect in determining the density the doctor feels he needs to place to create a natural looking result and blend with your native hair.

The fundamental important factor that helps to determine a person´s result is the diameter of the hair shaft, the number of hairs per follicular unit and their general hair characteristics. Hair calibre or
hair diameter is arguably more important than the density of follicular units per cm2. You may have an above average density but miniaturised hair shaft; as the appearance of baldness is due to light penetrating through the hair and reflecting back off the scalp, the thin hair plays an important role.

The better your hair characteristics the greater help in creating a natural looking density and maximum coverage when rebuilding a new head of hair, especially in Norwood 5 cases and above. Planning for further hair loss also becomes easier, as the hair calibre allows for wider coverage whilst maintaining a good density.

Ideal hair characteristics include a thick hair shaft, curly or wavy hair, a lax scalp and a low contrast between your skin colour and your hair colour. That is why a hair transplant works and can give a man even in Class 5 and 6 the appearance of coverage and density (donor permitting) without matching hair for hair on the head.

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