MicroRNAs contribute to hair loss and follicle regression


MicroRNAs contribute to hair loss and follicle regression

Up to 60% of men experience some degree of hair loss in their lifetime. However, despite its prevalence, efficient treatment for hair loss is lacking. One of the key distinguishing features of hair follicles in baldness-affected areas is premature regression. This leads to shorter hairs and excessive hair fallout. This month’s cover image features actively growing hair follicles with prominent layers of the outer root sheath surrounding the hair shaft cortex. In this issue of PLOS Genetics, we describe an essential role for a highly conserved microRNA, miR-22, in regulating the regression of mouse hair follicles. New insights into the mechanism of premature hair growth regression in mice enrich our understanding of the pathogenesis of hair loss.

Taken from article by Zhengquan Yu, Plos Blogs

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