Has Your Hair Got The Minerals


Has Your Hair Got The Minerals

We shed hair every day. Under normal circumstances around the same amount that sheds regrows daily. Keeping a balanced number of hairs over the head. The hair follicle produces a protein called keratin and this in the makeup of the hair. Minerals are required otherwise hair would not exist.

Your hair can be a barometer for your general health and well-being. Hair cells are the faster-multiplying cells in the body. But also one of the first to show signs if you´re under the weather. Not feeling 100%. Your body will look after the vital organs first and foremost. Sending the required vitamins, proteins and minerals to organs the body needs to survive. Leaving others weaker….our hair.

Hair cells require proteins, complex carbohydrates and iron to grow and function correctly. It is important to consume the right nutrients and in the right quantities to give your hair the best chance to look it´s best.

Iron is another important factor in the growth and health of your hair.  An iron deficiency can be checked with a simple blood test with your doctor.  Anaemia can carry symptoms such as fatigue, and paleness of complexion.

Although eating well and ensuring you have a balanced amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals cannot prevent hair loss it can ensure your hair stays strong and healthy and looking at its best.

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