The Politics of the Hair Loss Dilemma


The Politics of the Hair Loss Dilemma

You would think running a country and to deal with matters of International importance would take up all their time. Image is everything in politics. Constantly being judged and assessed how they perform in public. They have to be top of their game.

Probably the most known hair lover to enter the political arena at the moment is Donald Trump. The American President. His recent outlandish comments are only usurped by his famous outlandish hairstyle. The lengths he goes to give the impression he has a full head of blonde hair.

It seems the importance is on just having the look of a full head of hair, regardless of how unconvincing the look is. Adding to the adage tell people enough times then eventually enough will start to believe.

David Cameron, the former UK Prime Minister. He is battling hair loss. In Britain there is less flamboyance compared to the US. Taking away the exception of ex-conservative MP Michael Heseltine wayward, windward locks. Cameron´s crown has drawn attention from news analysts in the UK. As now you see it and now you don´t.

Hair and greatness go hand in hand?

Times have changed, in the past a thinning head of hair was seen to give gravitas, wisdom, worldly age and security, Churchill or Eisenhower, being two examples. Or, maybe it was not their hair but their personalities and strengths that people responded to. But today there is certainly a spin to looking youthful, not just in politics but also in everyday life.

Europe is not exempt from a political figure going all the way to regain their youthful head of hair; Silvio Berlusconi not being shy about his hair transplant a few years ago, going out sporting a bandanna to cover while it healed.

Sports personalities, politicians, we all care about our appearance to some extent, and some will just go to different lengths (of hair) to give the appearance of a good head of hair.

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