Controlling Hair Transplant Expectations

hair transplant expectations

Controlling Hair Transplant Expectations

Hair loss can have deep psychological effects for both men and woman.  Consciously or subconsciously can affect confidence. The ability to interact with others easily. Also can lead to low self-esteem.

The constant reminder of age as you look in the mirror is not helped by the competitive and ever so more image conscious world we live in. The outside influences surrounding go a long way in telling us how we should look and be.

So, it is not surprising that more and more people are opting for surgical hair restoration. Known also as a hair transplant, or FUT or FUE hair surgery. hair Transplant expectations can be high. As a result, they need to be controlled against what is realistically possible.

The desire to regain your lost locks can sometimes be very high and your heart can rule your head, so it is important that a great deal of thought and understanding, research is carried out before making any decision to go forward and undergo a hair transplant.

Any reputable Clinic will tell you that a hair transplant is not a miracle cure. It does not stop hair loss and cannot replace like for like hair. It is simply the movement of hair from one area to the other. Possibly because genetics allows the hair to keep growing.

A hair transplant is a relatively uncomplicated procedure compared to other surgical procedures. Maybe half the result is down to the artistic nature and understanding of angles. Getting the most out of your hair characteristics. Everyone is different, and this needs to be taken into consideration. There is no one right answer for everyone.

Check for fake hair news

The old adage “if it sounds too good it probably is” can be very true. In almost every case there will be give and take. In respect to what is possible from a hair transplant. It may be a hairline placement or design. Possibly the hair density that can be placed. Or, the number of grafts that are available from a finite resource. Your donor area. If you have multiple consultations and all the clinics tell you the same it is very likely this is because their assessments are correct. But, there is always one clinic. That tells totally the opposite and fulfils all your goals. Do you trust that assessment over all the others?

Logic would suggest you do not and continue to research. Your heart may convince you that, maybe the others just can´t do it. Lack of proficiency etc. You are choosing the best. All because they can deliver more than any of the others. The perfect hair transplant patient is very rare.

Although not written in stone, but when many professional assessments concur but you ignore and go with the “yes, everything is possible” it can end in tears and much more. A hair transplant result is permanent. A badly performed hair transplant can not only look cosmetically unnatural, but it can also impair the quality of your skin. Make future surgery much harder.  One poor hair transplant can take multiple future procedures to remedy.

Research and take your time before deciding whether to have a hair transplant. Then with whom will perform your hair restoration. Make sure any claims made can be backed up with proof. Try to talk to as many people that have had hair restoration. See them in person when at all possible.

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