10 Tips Leading Up To A Hair Transplant


10 Tips Leading Up To A Hair Transplant

When you have made your decision on a clinic to perform your hair transplant. The big day is looming, remember to be well prepared.

Here are a few helpful tips leading up to your hair transplant. Hints to make your time as comfortable as possible:

1. Avoid long periods in strong sunlight, do not get sunburnt

2. Check that any medications you take do not cause a problem for your surgery

3. Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking a few days before your procedure *

4. Make sure your travel arrangements have been made

5. Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement, a shirt that buttons down the front

6. A neck pillow comes in handy for sleeping and also when travelling

7. Make sure you have plenty of still water for the first few days after your procedure

8. If living alone ensure you have provisions in-house as you may not want to walk to the shops

9. Give yourself time to relax and do not have to rush back to work

10* Question, but follow the instructions given to you by the clinic, they are in place to help you

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