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Come To Terms With Hair Loss? or What?

For some it is not an issue in their life but for others hair loss can be emotive. It is not always easy to come to terms with hair loss. It can carry many negative emotions as well as a loss of confidence. So, what to do? Advances in hair loss prevention and transplantation surgery […]


Who Will Perform Your Hair Transplant? Is it Important?

Does a Doctor have to perform every aspect of a hair transplant? Why would it be important for a Doctor to perform a hair transplant? If the emphasis is removed on an FUE hair transplant being a technically demanding procedure. This also would validate the less qualified being able to perform the tasks involved.


Permanent Hair Restoration Treatment

Knowing what and when to treat your hair loss is part of managing your expectations. Finding the correct hair loss treatment, surgical or non surgical, hair transplant or medical treatment.

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