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Have A Good Hair Transplant Procedure Day

On the face of it a hair transplant is the same wherever you go. But this is far from reality. You are not buying the same make or model product and just comparing prices. The quality and execution of a hair transplant can differ greatly.

Good Food For Healthy Strong Hair

Foods To Eat For Thicker, Healthier Hair

We all like to have healthy strong looking hair. Eating the right foods can go a long way to keeping our hair in the best condition possible. Each stop thinning or hair breaking needlessly. Foods to eat for thicker healthier hair.

Choosing A FUE Hair Transplant Doctor

Reasons for choosing your FUE hair transplant Doctor

There can be many valid reasons for choosing your FUE hair transplant Doctor. Surgical hair restoration techniques differ. For the Doctor it is important to have a complete understanding.

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